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Aries Horoscope: December 2012

Into the wild blue yonder

Your challenge this month is to maintain a practical perspective on the opportunities that come your way. Propitious Jupiter continues its yearlong visit to your 3rd House of Information, presenting you with an endless stream of data -- some vitally significant, some just noise. Jupiter becomes the focus of uncomfortable quincunxes from lover Venus and warrior Mars on the December 1, warping your perceptions and making it difficult to know how much confidence to place in your point of view.

Everything seems bigger and better than it actually is when the Sun in extravagant Sagittarius opposes Jupiter from your 9th House of Big Ideas on December 2. Although the Sagittarius New Moon on December 13 encourages you to take bold steps on your personal journey, its bothersome semisquare to doubting Saturn can put obstacles in your path.

It's tempting to tell a tall tale when messenger Mercury opposes Jupiter on December 17, followed by charming Venus on December 22. Jupiter forms additional quincunxes with Pluto and Saturn on December 20-22, this time revealing your tendency to be over-optimistic in your definition of success. Fortunately, responsible Saturn forms a cooperative sextile with manipulative Pluto on December 26, enabling you to manage your resources and effectively work toward completing your mission.

The nurturing Cancer Full Moon on December 28 brightens your 4th House of Home and Family, yet the magnetic Sun-Pluto conjunction on December 30 indicates that your year won't end on a quiet note. But even when Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, quarrel on December 31, a brilliant Mars-Uranus sextile offers innovative solutions that accelerate the speed of change.

Keep in Mind this Month
Instead of trying to make major decisions that change the direction of your life, focus on doing whatever you can to make minor improvements day by day.

Key Dates for Aries

December 1 - 2: Out of bounds
You're convinced you can't control the chaotic pace of your life these days. However, captivating Venus in your 8th House of Intimacy forms a distorting quincunx with giant Jupiter on December 1, throwing off your judgment. You'll likely err on the side of excess, because excitable Mars is also quincunx Jupiter. Don't rely on others to tell you when you've reached your limit, either. Boundless Jupiter opposes the Sun on December 2, suggesting that your friends will be nodding in approval even when you've gone too far.

December 21 - 22: Catch a falling star
The Sun's shift into serious Capricorn marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Although this longest night is a time for inner reflection, the Sun shines in your 10th House of Status, awakening your ambitions. Luckily, the Sun's cooperative sextile with metaphysical Neptune on December 22 reminds you to incorporate the magic of your dreams into your plans.