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Cancer Career Horoscope: December 2012

Considering a change

The energizing Sun spends most of December in your 6th House of Service, where bringing good cheer to routine tasks can earn the appreciation of your colleagues. It's possible you will feel like you're being asked to do more than usual, especially after December 10, when mental Mercury enters boundless Sagittarius and this dutiful part of your chart.

Keeping your mind on the tasks you're working on right now might not be easy, as a tendency to think about faraway places can fill your head. On the plus side, this could also inspire you to come up with fresh concepts that expand your professional horizons. If you are hemmed in by limits in your current line of work, considering a change of career path might be appropriate. This isn't an overnight thing, however, as additional training and education could be required for a successful transition.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 15 may increase your sense of restlessness, yet it is a signal to enlarge your thinking. Bringing a different attitude to your current job, seeking a new one or allowing yourself to fantasize about a more inspiring career can boost your morale.

Valuable Venus is in your 5th House of Creativity until December 15, reminding you there may be untapped talents or resources you can recover to advance your interests. Going through the scrapheap of old aspirations and missed opportunities may reveal that it's not too late to salvage something useful that can bring more joy and purpose to your professional life.