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Cancer Love Horoscope: December 2012

Going to extremes

The good news this month is that amorous Venus is in your 5th House of Romance until December 15. The presence of this alluring planet in this part of your chart is likely to make you feel more desirable. This transit occurs in the passionate sign of Scorpio, which can spur you to try some provocative behavior. It's fine to have a good time being more seductive, as long as you're aware of the potential consequences of your actions.

When Venus shifts into less sensitive and sentimental Sagittarius on December 15 you may feel overtaken by events that don't allow as much time or energy for you to play with. Still, Venus does have a couple of romantic hot spots on December 16 when she slides into imaginative Neptune, unleashing fantasies that can stir your heart, and when she connects with hopeful Jupiter on December 22 to inspire a spirit of optimism and generosity. There is some risk, though, of over-estimating someone or going to extremes.

On December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn, which is considered to be organized, practical and disciplined. Yet this transit occurs in your 7th House of Partners, where it can attract more reliable people or help you to stabilize a current relationship. The downside is the possibility of dealing with controlling and withholding individuals. The message, though, is not to give up your power, but to express it calmly based on a logical long-term plan. Even if the road gets bumpy, the clarity and maturity you find will help you to stay the course.