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Capricorn Love Horoscope: December 2012

Outside looking in

You might feel a little bit like an outsider looking in during much of December. Even if you're in the middle of party, there's a piece of you that might be dreaming of faraway places. The reason is that the life-giving Sun will be in your 12th House of Obscurity until December 21. This is often a time when you're ready to make sacrifices and serve the needs of others, which is admirable.

But if you have a sense of being disconnected from the world around you, it can be harder to maintain much interest in a present partnership or in pursuing a new one. One thing that can solidify a union or attract you to someone is a shared interest in working for a cause. Your idealism is kicked up this month, so spending time and energy helping others can end up helping your personal life.

The Sun's move into your responsible sign on December 21 opens a fresh wave of personal opportunity for you. Getting attention and taking charge should become easier as of this date. Forgiving yourself is essential that day, as there is a positive solar connection with spiritual Neptune. We all have our faults, but finding compassion for yourself is a great way to learn from them and move on.

There may be some unpredictable and unsettled moments in the last week of 2012, as the Capricorn Sun collides with two disruptive outer planets. A tense 90-degree square with revolutionary Uranus on December 25 is likely to bring some X-mas surprises, and the Sun's union with petulant Pluto on December 30 can provoke power struggles. Changes are likely, but responding with flexibility makes them less stressful.