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Leo Career Horoscope: December 2012

Behind closed doors

Creativity should be high this month, with the fiery Sagittarius Sun lighting up your 5th House of Self-Expression until December 21. But a more subtle approach to getting your messages across is recommended while communicative Mercury is in emotionally intense Scorpio and your 4th House of Inner Feelings. Sociable Venus also starts the month in this private part of your chart, making this a better time for closed-door meetings than public events.

Mercury blasts into Sagittarius and your outgoing 5th House on December 10, followed by Venus on December 15, unleashing the full force of your personality. If you want to get attention, this is a good time to go for it. A word of caution, though, is that both of these planets run into squishy squares with dreamy Neptune the day after they change signs. While these are wonderful transits for imagination, there's a temptation to lose touch with reality. Making claims that aren't rooted in facts or falling for someone else's fascinating stories are possible risks.

The need to stay in touch with practical concerns is always important in your work life, but it becomes even more critical when the Sun enters pragmatic Capricorn on December 21. This transit lasts for 30 days and occurs in your 6th House of Service and Systems. This is really a time to buckle down and demonstrate your dedication and competence. Managing current tasks with efficiency might not be exciting, but it is worth more in the long run than making a big splash.