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Libra Love Horoscope: December 2012

Speak the truth

Honesty is very powerful for strengthening a current relationship or opening the way to a new one. Your consideration of others' feelings is admirable, and it's one of the main elements of your charming personality. But sometimes tempering your comments to avoid ruffling feathers works against your best interests.

December starts with the Sun in outspoken Sagittarius and your 3rd House of Communication, which is why plain speaking is so important to you now. The need to tell the truth is reinforced when verbal Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 10. Now, this isn't about being unkind, and in fact it can also enhance your sense of humor. But facing your real feelings and being able to express them openly is one of the greatest gifts you can have this holiday season.

Even your charming, loving and ever so anxious-to-please ruling planet Venus joins the party when she enters Sagittarius on December 15. Other benefits of these transits include the possibility to find pleasure without going far from home and perhaps making delightful connections in the course of your daily travels. Venus' tense 90-degree square with dreamy Neptune on December 16 could encourage fantasy and illusion, so don't believe everything you see.

On December 19, though, the love planet aligns favorably with innovative Uranus, which is excellent for social experimentation and feelings of innovation and freedom. Family responsibilities roll in with the Sun's entry into dutiful Capricorn and your 4th House of Domestic Life on December 21. Although obligations increase, this begins a 30-day period when you can earn respect as a leader.