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Sagittarius Horoscope: December 2012

Home for the holidays

This month is all about relationships, because your ruling planet, Jupiter -- retrograding in your 7th House of Companions -- forms 10 separate aspects. Despite the significant role that others play in your life now, it's up to you to take the lead as the radiant Sun moves through your sign, illuminating your 1st House of Self until December 21.

Your mental acuity helps you to communicate what's important, as long as you don't fall prey to exaggerations when gregarious Mercury visits risk-taking Sagittarius on December 10-31. You thoroughly enjoy being you -- a wonderful state of affairs for the holiday season -- while pleasure-seeking Venus visits your adventurous sign from December 15 until January 8, 2013.

However, tension becomes palpable as your desire for independence and exploration pulls one way while enticing opportunities and good fellowship pull the other. This is most noticeable when oppositions to jolly Jupiter are formed by the Sun on December 2, Mercury on December 17, and Venus on December 22. It's wise to address unstable dynamics between you and your spouse, friend or colleague when cosmic heavyweights Pluto and Saturn move into the picture from December 20 - 22, forming uneasy quincunxes with overextending Jupiter.

The cavalier Sagittarius New Moon on December 13 could make you feel invincible, as if nothing can prevent you from reaching your goals. Although the power of positive thought can propel you far, this lunation's disquieting semisquare to prudent Saturn requires you to acknowledge that time and resources are limited. If you're overextended, the nurturing Cancer Full Moon on December 28 illuminates your 8th House of Regeneration, reflecting your need to revitalize your spirit by spending memorable holiday time with friends and family.

Keep in Mind this Month
As important as others are to you, if you don't take care of your own needs first then you won't have much to give anyone else.

Key Dates for Sagittarius

December 1-2: Jumping Jack Flash
You're restless without knowing why when trickster Mercury forms an uncomfortable aspect with high-strung Uranus on December 1. Unfortunately, you find it difficult to settle down with Venus and Mars both creating cantankerous quincunxes with overbearing Jupiter. Although your optimism grows on December 2, when the Sagittarius Sun opposes Jupiter in your 7th House of Partners, you can stir resentment if you appear arrogant or overstep your bounds.

December 10 - 14: High on life
You can easily put your enthusiasm and joy into words when loquacious Mercury enters uplifting Sagittarius on December 10. Its creative square with surreal Neptune on December 11 is good for expressing fantasies, but it's less useful for sustaining concentration. However, a practical Mars-Saturn quintile on December 12 grounds your energy and brings organization into your life as preparation for a cycle of manifestation that's initiated by the idealistic Sagittarius New Moon on December 13. Mercury's trine to uncanny Uranus in your 5th House of Spontaneity on December 14 can trigger so much innovative thinking that you can't turn off your brain to get some rest.