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Sagittarius Love Horoscope: December 2012

Time to shine

The Sun in your sign should put hope in your heart as December opens. But your thoughts and your personal life may lag behind and not reach their full potential until two other planets enter Sagittarius. Brainy Mercury makes the move on December 10, which should help you to have a more positive outlook and the desire to make plans for the future.

Mercury already moved into Sagittarius on October 28, but its backward turn there on November 6 and its subsequent retreat into skeptical Scorpio on November 21 may have dampened your expectations and put significant connections and conversations on hold. But now this renewal of mental energy makes it easy to express yourself and to reach out to people.

Then, on December 15 comes an even more important transition regarding relationships. Venus, the love planet, enters your sign to make you appear more desirable than ever. Her presence in your sign, which lasts until January 9, is your time to shine. You're excited and exciting, which is likely to command a great deal of attention.

There is, though, some restlessness that can make it more difficult to accept routine partnerships where nothing seems to change. Bringing new ideas and activities into your present relationship can revive passion. If you're single and looking, spreading your wings to explore different kinds of people and places will be rewarding. Just don't get lost in fantasyland when Venus squares squishy Neptune on December 16, because romantic dreams can easily overcome reality and lead to some questionable judgment.