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Taurus Horoscope: December 2012

Beyond the horizon

Carve out some quiet time this month to examine your goals for the future and how you can achieve them. Curious Mercury peers into the distance to see where relationships are going when it enters farseeing Sagittarius and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on December 10.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 13 inspires you to spread your wings to fly farther with your current partner, or to seek more rewarding connections elsewhere. You're uncharacteristically willing to take risks when electrifying Uranus turns direct on the same day, and desirable Venus moves into cavalier Sagittarius on the December 15.

Three outer planet transits challenge you to adjust your expectations, but can also lead you to a well of untapped resources. Jupiter in agile Gemini in your 2nd House of Income forms awkward quincunxes with unrelenting Pluto and unyielding Saturn on December 20-22, repeating patterns that began last spring on May 16 and finish on March 29, 2013. These aspects point you toward alternative ways to earn money and increase your sense of self-worth.

Unexpected events could shake up a holiday gathering when the Sun squares irrepressible Uranus on December 25. Fortunately, a smart Saturn-Pluto sextile the next day empowers you to be more successful by aligning with positive people. Although the nurturing Cancer Full Moon in your 3rd House of Communication on December 28 invites cozy sharing with friends and family, the Sun's conjunction with Pluto on December 30 ends the year with great intensity. It's time to cut out the small talk and get to the core of the matter.

Keep in Mind this Month
You'll be much better off making thoughtful decisions based on where they will take you in the years ahead, rather than making shortsighted, random moves.

Key Dates for Taurus

December 10 - 12: Rogue tactics
You could be in for some heavy-duty negotiations on December 10, when Venus forms a tense semisquare with Pluto. It's better to be tough and walk away from an agreement than to act like a weakling who is overly eager to compromise. Determine what you need and then do exactly what it takes to get it. December 12 is an excellent day to attract a magnetic individual when sexy Venus in Scorpio hooks up with the Moon's North Node in your 7th House of Relationships. Scary as it is to engage someone who evokes such strong feelings, you'll find it well worth the effort. Following your heart bravely adds excitement to a current alliance or helps initiate an intriguing new connection.

December 21 - 22: Sensory overload
The Sun's entry into ambitious Capricorn marks the Winter Solstice on December 21. You have a new, more serious sense of purpose that motivates you to aim higher in the year ahead. Your keys to success are discipline and a commitment to do the hard work necessary to advance your career and gain more satisfaction in your personal life. It's also essential that you manage your expectations by finding the right balance between hope and realism. Lovable Venus' opposition to joyful Jupiter on December 22 stimulates your appetite for more approval, affection and fun. Yet it's possible to become overindulgent and allow immediate needs for gratification to blind you to the consequences of your actions. Knowing how to truly enjoy life's delights is a blessing of being a Taurus, as long as you don't take it too far.