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Virgo Love Horoscope: December 2012

High spirits

It's a good thing you're a deep person because you may have some serious conversations in the first part of December. The month opens with loving Venus and your brainy ruling planet Mercury in complex Scorpio and your 3rd House of Communication. Every word and thought may feel weighty, making it harder to have light conversations. But these transits also deepen your perceptions so you can see underlying patterns in partnerships and begin to make changes if needed.

The power of a look grows and stirs strong responses that can range from sudden attraction to a total stranger or irritation with the one you love. If things get tense, remember you're dealing with a well of old feelings that go far beyond the present situation. Knowing this can help you to avoid making a major issue over a minor matter, and it also makes it possible to untangle emotional knots that inhibit intimacy.

The atmosphere shifts on December 10, when Mercury fires into optimistic Sagittarius and Venus follows suit on December 15. These can provoke a more positive spirit where you take yourself and others less seriously.

Then, on December 21, the Sun enters earthy Capricorn, a sign harmonious with your own. This begins a month long transit in your 5th House of Romance and Play, which should add pleasure to the holiday season. Your need to control the action, though, can be off-putting unless you lead with a light hand. You can take charge, but doing it graciously makes you even more desirable.