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December 2013 Horoscope

You Call the Shots

December is ideal for putting structure around big ideas so that they can eventually become reality. The Sun starts the month in visionary, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius where the sky's the limit. This enthusiastic Fire sign is not bound by present conditions but seeks to create a more energizing, exciting and meaningful future. Sure, sometimes promises are made or concepts cooked up that have little chance of manifestation, yet Sagittarius is a gambler's sign in which we're supposed to take chances in what we think and do.

The solar shift into earthy Capricorn on December 21 is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, marking a time of commitment. This Saturn-ruled sign is not interested in abstractions and turns our attention toward producing results. Although there are some rough spots late in the month, the big picture perspective of both of these signs contributes to a stronger sense of strategy in the pursuit of our most significant goals.

Cooperation between the optimistic and pessimistic views of life also comes through a favorable Jupiter-Saturn trine on December 12. This is the second in a series of three aspects that first occurred on July 17 and will return on May 24 next year. We can trust our instincts with this reasonable connection in sensitive Water signs even when we don't have all the facts to back up a plan. Readjustments may be necessary with this second trine, but patience and persistence will produce desirable results with positive professional implications in May. Jupiter is also associated with philosophy and beliefs, so its harmonious hookup with realistic Saturn helps us to live up to our guiding principles.

There's a good deal of innovation to go along with the enthusiasm of the Sagittarius New Moon on December 2. This Sun-Moon conjunction plants seeds of hope, inspires aspirations, and triggers dreams of faraway places. There is some risk of raising expectations too high and making promises that could be hard to keep. However, inventive Uranus' trine to this lunation supplies a touch of genius that just might make the impossible come true. Letting go of old methods to experiment with different approaches requires us to accept failures, but if they're creative ones, they should eventually lead to success.

Minds soar high above the ordinary with brainy Mercury's move into Sagittarius on December 4. Opinions grow stronger but facts may become fuzzy with this positive thinking and detail deficient transit. Yet if unfiltered words ruffle feathers, Mars' move into gracious Libra on December 7 is ideal for smoothing them out. Information overload is possible with the Gemini Full Moon on December 17. This Sun-Moon opposition stimulates thinking but can also scatter attention. Little distractions can help us to relax in the moment, yet losing sight of higher goals is a potential risk. Electrifying Uranus turns forward on the same day to stimulate nervous systems and, hopefully, spark bright new ideas.

December 21 is sobering with the solar shift into responsible Capricorn on the same day that alluring Venus turns retrograde. Relationship complications tend to increase during the love planet's six-week reversal period, yet this can also reconnect us with people from the past, revive old creative interests, and challenge us to change some partnership patterns. Mercury's move into Capricorn on December 24 gives rise to serious thoughts and conversations but a rebellious Mars-Uranus opposition on December 25 is more into breaking rules than sticking with the program.

The Sun and Mercury square unsettling Uranus on the 29th, Mars squares punishing Pluto on December 30, and Mercury joins Pluto and squares macho Mars on December 31, which could end the year on a contentious note. However, those who are willing to deeply examine their thinking and behavior find greater meaning and efficiency by abandoning outmoded concepts and methods.