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December 2013 Career Horoscope

Two is better than one

Patience is a must in professional matters this month. In addition to the usual holiday season slowdown there's a shift by Venus that also indicates the importance of operating more cautiously now. The planet of attraction, relationships and self-worth turns retrograde in serious Capricorn on December 21 and will remain in reverse until the end of January. While this could be favorable for reconnecting with people and organizations you've contacted in the past, it's largely about the need to reassess and rebuild rather than pushing ahead at high speed.

Mars, the action planet, shifts into accommodating Libra on December 7, which also requires diplomacy and indicates the need to smooth out work-related alliances. Taking the initiative in a major way might also be more difficult with pioneering Mars in this equivocating sign. This transit, though, is useful for strengthening partnerships.

Spending time and effort to woo others might seem more like a social than a professional activity. Yet getting the support of others can be invaluable in the future. Meeting people halfway in order to keep the peace may not look very dynamic yet will lay the foundation for further cooperation later.

However, patience isn't easy around the fiery Sagittarius New Moon on December 2, an event that stirs ambitions and enlarges aspirations. It's tempting to take risks as a result of this energizing lunation, yet over-reaching is all too common in this highly optimistic sign. Thinking big make sense as long as you take the time to carefully prepare before making any significant career moves.

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