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December 2013 Love Horoscope

Blast from the past

We are in a somewhat serious time when it comes to love and relationships this month. Venus, the alluring planet of pleasure and partnership begins December in sober Capricorn and turns retrograde in this responsible sign on December 21. She will stay in reverse until January 31 and won't move on to the next sign Aquarius until March 4. Venus Retrograde is a time to look back, review and revise relationship issues.

While meeting someone new is possible, it's likely that this person will remind you of an individual from your past. The risk is that we will repeat partnership patterns that aren't necessarily helpful, yet the gift of this transit is to recognizing unhealthy emotional habits and to change them.

Duty and obligation are key concepts of Capricorn, and fulfilling them earns love and respect this month. While the Sun's presence in enthusiastic Sagittarius until December 21 does offer hope and optimism heading toward the holidays, it's best to avoid overextending ourselves in matters of the heart.

Caution is recommended as a way to avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointment. Demonstrating commitment, though, can lead to personal fulfillment in the months ahead. Patience, obviously, is a must as the romantic rewards of Venus are doubly delayed by her presence in pragmatic Capricorn and her pending retrograde period.

Nevertheless, desire can take wings with the Sagittarius New Moon on December 2, as the hunger for more romance and adventure grows. Yet those who leap at experiences without carefully measuring the risks are likely to fall short of their goals.

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