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Cancer Love Horoscope for December 2013

In it for the long haul

Relationships are likely to be a front burner issue for you during the next few months. That's because the love planet Venus is in your 7th House of Partners until March 5, 2014. Normally, she waltzes through a sign in about four weeks, but her retrograde (backward) turn on December 21 will prolong her stay in this intimate part of your chart.

The good news is that making connections should be easier. The bad news is that making them successful will require plenty of hard work with Venus in the responsible Capricorn. The rules of engagement need to be clearly defined to earn the trust that allows you and your partner feel safe. If you're in a relationship now, expect some long discussions about your goals and expectations. This may not sound very romantic, although there are likely to be some delicious moments during this period, yet you can be rewarded for your patience and maturity.

Reliability is a must, so stick to your commitments and require the same seriousness from others. It's wise to start out with someone new by being clear and setting boundaries that can melt away once you've built a solid foundation. But if your tenderness allows you to be too slack or forgiving, it can undermine your chances for long-term happiness.

The Sun enters Capricorn and your sociable 7th house on December 21, which can pull a mature person into your orbit, but volatile conditions on December 29 and 30 might lead to a sudden change of course.

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