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Capricorn Career Horoscope for December 2013

Nice and easy

Good things in your work could be heading your way this month but may not come as quickly as you'd like. The positive side of the story is alluring Venus' presence in your responsible sign. This attractive planet in Capricorn reminds you of your worth and makes you appear more valuable to others. There's a distinctly social side to this planet, too, which should make you a desirable partner when it's in your sign.

But just as the energizing Sun enters Capricorn on December 21 to boost your spirits, Venus turns retrograde. This begins a 6-week reversal period when dealing with unfinished personal business and ironing out professional relationships are highlighted. Pushing ahead with totally new contacts may not move quickly during this timeframe and extra care should be taken to stay on good terms with other people in your field.

Similarly, the action planet Mars slides into socially skillful Libra on December 7 where it will occupy your 10th House of Career. This is favorable for advancing your professional interests as long as you're diplomatic about how you go about doing it. Naked ambition is likely to rub others the wrong way with aggressive Mars in the sign of fairness.

Patience, dear Capricorn, is a virtue well worth exercising since time is on your side. That's because Mars turns retrograde next January 31, prolonging its stay in your 10th House of Profession until the summer of 2014. There should be plenty of opportunities to get ahead as long as you are gracious, reasonable and considerate of others.

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