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Capricorn Love Horoscope for December 2013

Delays, delays, delays

The world of relationships is going to be extremely interesting for you during the next few months. Venus, the love planet, is now in your sign and will remain there until March 5, 2014. So the good news is that the attractive qualities of this planet could increase your sense of self-worth, spruce up your look and pull more people into your orbit.

But the challenge coming up is that Venus will be turning retrograde on December 21 and spend the following six weeks moving backwards in Capricorn. This reversal can slow down social matters and require more time to strengthen a current relationship or to build a new one. Reconnecting or simply reminiscing about someone from you past is also possible. You could find yourself falling into old romantic patterns that you thought were behind you.

But if you do revisit old behavior or objects of affection, you don't have to respond as you did before. This retrograde time is ideal for untying emotional knots and smoothing out partnerships that have gone off track. Still, even though Venus reverses course on the 21st the Sun enters your sign that same day. The solar presence in your 1st House of Personality usually raises confidence and increases visibility.

However, with the love planet's shift you may get more attention but run into delays in taking advantage of it. Patience, planning and making careful choices about who you let into your life and how you develop your relationships will help you get the most out of these uncommon circumstances.

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