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Gemini Horoscope: December 2013

Attitude Adjustment

Take a second look at relationships this month -- and maybe even a third or fourth -- as new partnerships and old alliances are put to the test. On December 2, the New Moon in Sagittarius falls in your 7th House of Others, sprouting seeds of opportunity for making connections or taking a current union to a higher level. A supportive trine from surprising Uranus adds excitement and innovation, but a challenging square to this lunation from spacey Neptune can take your enthusiasm beyond the bounds of reason.

Loquacious Mercury's launch into friendly Sagittarius on December 4 expands your social circles and is excellent for selling and teaching as long as you don't stretch the truth too far. Visionary Jupiter's trine with practical Saturn on December 12 is the second in a series that began on July 17 and ends on May 24, 2014. This strategic alignment in your 2nd House of Income and 6th House of Work provides a balanced perspective on professional matters that helps you make sensible long-term decisions.

You see the contrast between your own needs and those of others clearly under the bright light of the restless Gemini Full Moon on December 17. Consistency may elude you in this flexible sign, but allowing yourself to shift gears according to your moods nourishes your changeable soul.

Order comes with the Sun's entry into traditional Capricorn and your 8th House of Intimacy on December 21. This turn of the season is the Winter Solstice, demanding accountability in relationships, constraining you with rigid rules, or helping you reach a higher level of engagement. Yet Venus's retrograde shift in your 8th House of Intimacy on the same day reminds you to reexamine your partnership expectations until this lovable planet turns forward on January 31, 2014.

Keep in Mind this Month

Don't expect to find a single right answer to partnership questions now. Keep an open mind and try different approaches according to each situation.

Key Dates for Gemini

December 26-27: Return to Reason

You can be so sweet on December 26 with Mercury's sextile to compassionate Neptune. Kindness comes easily; you see the bright side of almost any situation and the best in almost every person. However, a Mercury-Saturn semisquare demands patience and pragmatism the next day, putting an end to silly thoughts and trivial communications.


December 29-31: Fast-and-Furious Finish

You may reach a breaking point with someone on December 29 as Mercury connects with the principled Capricorn Sun in your 8th House of Transformation just before making a tense square to reactive Uranus. The Sun-Uranus square on December 30 can suddenly alter the course of a relationship. Your need for freedom may be greater than your hunger for closeness, but it's healthier to take some time off or to reinvigorate a partnership with conscious intent than to let your emotions explode. Pressure continues to build through December 31 as Mercury hooks up with steamy Pluto while both square combative Mars, a combination that can spark heated discussions. Focus on the facts to produce desirable change instead of letting negative feelings spur hurtful remarks.

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