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Leo Horoscope: December 2013

Life of the Party

You're in a celebratory mood as December starts thanks to the Sun's presence in effervescent Sagittarius and your 5th House of Fun and Games. The holiday spirit is amplified by the Sagittarius New Moon on December 2 that inspires playful behavior, creative self-expression, and romantic impulses. However, some people may have difficulty telling when you're teasing and when your intentions are real, so make a point of sending clear signals.

Gregarious Mercury adds color to your communication when it enters fun-loving Sagittarius on December 4. Your sense of humor and outspoken opinions are likely to attract plenty of attention. Helpfully, your ability to press a point in a gracious manner is enhanced with Mars's shift into stylish Libra and your 3rd House of Communication on December 7. The warrior planet wears velvet gloves in this diplomatic sign to refine your negotiating skills.

On December 12, Jupiter repeats a trine with Saturn that first occurred on July 17 and will return on May 24, 2014. The strategic alignment between the planets of future vision and current reality can give shape to your dreams and set you on a course toward making them come true. Group activities can reach a critical point with the busy Gemini Full Moon in your 11th House of Team Work on December 17. You may be stretched so thin that you'll need to back out of an obligation; or you could find yourself at odds with the philosophy of an organization.

The Sun's shift into ambitious Capricorn on December 21, the Winter Solstice, compels you to set priorities at work to get the most out of your abilities. Resourceful Venus' retrograde turn in your 6th House of Employment on the same day kicks off six weeks of job-related review and reevaluation.

Keep in Mind this Month
Having a good time is a holiday gift to yourself, but generously sharing the joy you're feeling with others is a present that will last much longer than this season.

Key Dates for Leo

December 25-26: Give Peace a Chance
Staying sweet and spiritual on December 25 may be challenging with assertive Mars' opposition to disruptive Uranus. This tense alignment between your 3rd House of Communication and 9th House of Philosophy can trigger a battle over competing ideas. Happily, a sensitive Mercury-Neptune sextile on December 26 is excellent for healing hurt feelings and backing away from extreme positions. If you're not feeling as appreciated as you wish, you'll need a mature attitude to accept the limits imposed on you by a strict Sun-Saturn semisquare.

December 29-31: Inevitable Change
You end the year with a strong desire to take your professional life in a different direction. Messenger Mercury and the Sun join in your 6th House of Employment and square revolutionary Uranus on December 29-30. Tense connections among Mercury, Mars, and Pluto on December 30 and 31 add an intensity that can be destructive unless you apply your creativity and passion to seek more stimulating work.

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