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Leo Career Horoscope for December 2013

Mind your mouth

Your creativity and enthusiasm get a boost with the New Moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on December 2. This highly charged Sun-Moon conjunction can raise your confidence and encourage bolder forms of self-expression. Getting attention may come more easily and your ability to put on a show should get you a positive response. Making the sale, then, shouldn't be difficult but following up on your proposal is where you're liable to be tested.

Clearly, making a big splash is less important than lining up allies to help you achieve your goals. Even if you're not feeling ambitious or into taking chances, smoothing out relationships with colleagues could become critical. The reason is that normally assertive Mars glides into peace loving Libra and your 3rd House of Communication on December 7.

Instead of passing through this sign in the usual seven weeks, Mars' retrograde turn in early March prolongs its stay in Libra until next July. This puts a premium on cooperation and its key components of compromise and adaptability. There is some risk, though, that this transit in your verbal 3rd house invites inaccurate or insincere statements that hide the truth.

Delicacy in what and how you speak professionally is crucial, but if it comes at the cost of honesty, could be problematic. Finding ways, however, to work more effectively with colleagues and customers may not appear to be significant in the moment yet can be a major contributor to your success on the job in the months to come.

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