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Leo Love Horoscope for December 2013

Follow the rules of romance

You should be feeling frisky in early December with the fiery and adventurous Sagittarius New Moon on December 2. This emotionally exciting event occurs in your 5th House of Romance to inspire some risk taking on your part. Your need for attention might grow to the point where your behavior becomes bolder and bolder. It's wise, though to be a little less obvious about your desires if you want to maintain your dignity.

While your playful side shouldn't care about looking foolish, making a positive impression on someone comes more easily when you demonstrate a little self-restraint. It's Venus the love planet's presence in serious Capricorn that makes discipline an issue now. She will be in your 6th House of Adjustments until early March, her stay extended due to her retrograde turn on December 21.

Venus will spend six weeks backpedaling in a sign and house that are more about taking care of business than feeling romantically free. The love and affection you want may not be given readily but must be earned by proving your seriousness to another person. Yes, playing by the rules is probably not your ideal picture of romance but could be what it takes to stay happy with the one you're with or to make a meaningful connection with someone new.

There is, though, the possible benefit of meeting someone through your work, a hobby or in being of service to others. Physical activities can also produce opportunities to make or deepen connections with amorous Venus in your 6th House of Health

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