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Libra Horoscope: December 2013

Time in a Bottle

Nostalgic feelings draw you back to the past this month. Your romantic ruling planet, Venus, slows down in your 4th House of Roots before turning retrograde on December 21. Holiday memories evoke both joy and regret, of course; this year, work to build on the best of them and finally let go of the worst.

The call of the future is loud on December 2 with the visionary Sagittarius New Moon in your 3rd House of Learning. Even if emotions linger behind, your mind can leap ahead with radical ideas and unusual perspectives as Uranus trines this fiery conjunction of the Sun and Moon. Another motivating factor is superhero Mars's entry into peaceable Libra on December 7. The action planet's presence in your sign and 1st House of Self encourages you to be more physically active and take the initiative in personal and professional relationships.

On December 12, the second strategic trine between Jupiter in your 10th House of Career and Saturn in your 2nd House of Income tunes you in to a bigger picture of your professional future. But instead of making a hurried move, this is an excellent time to step back and evaluate your long-term goals -- which you might ultimately set into place with the final Jupiter-Saturn trine on May 24, 2014.

Although the inquisitive Gemini Full Moon on December 17 in your 9th House of Faraway Places increases your interest in travel and education, it can make it harder to focus on what's right in front of you now. But then on December 21 -- the Winter Solstice -- responsibilities on the home front take precedence with the Sun's entry into dutiful Capricorn in your 4th House of Family.

Keep in Mind this Month
Old feelings may not fade away but you don't have to repeat the past. You can turn life in a totally different direction with original ideas and an attitude adjustment.

Key Dates for Libra

December 7-9: Take the Wheel
Attend to your own interests instead of trying to please everyone else on December 7, when Mars dances into your sign to energize your 1st House of Self. Thankfully, you can be polite without losing sight of your own priorities. A brilliant Mars-Jupiter quintile in your 10th House of Career on December 9 helps you sell a plan or promote a big idea without sounding pushy.

December 29-31: Cuts like a Knife
Expect the unexpected when witty Mercury and the expressive Sun spark impulsive thoughts and actions as they square uncontainable Uranus on December 29-30. Your own mouth can move more quickly than your ability to contain bold statements and outrageous comments. What one person thinks is a clever remark may provoke a less-than-friendly response with Mars's forceful square to suspicious Pluto on December 30. Unresolved issues and long-standing resentments could surface with dangerous intensity. Mercury joins Pluto and squares Mars on December 31, which can deepen your perceptions and lead you to meaningful conversations -- if you can tame your temper with reason.

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