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Libra Love Horoscope for December 2013

Proceed with caution

There are two forces early in the month that raise your hopes and aspirations about relationships. The New Moon on December 2 is in outgoing Sagittarius and your 3rd House of Communication. This can inspire conversations and embolden you to speak more honestly and directly with others.

Mars, the action planet, enters Libra on t December 7 to put more passion into your life. You could be assertive and ready to make the first move with a current partner or with someone new. Yet the drive that you're feeling and the urgency to connect could be cooled by a less intense transit of your ruling planet Venus. She is in orderly Capricorn and is slowing down as she approaches her retrograde period starting on December 21.

This backward cycle lasts six weeks, extending the love planet's presence in this serious sign until early March. The need to be more cautious and committed can overcome the impulsiveness of Mars in your friendly sign. You could be dealing with a stop and go relationship life with strong moments of desire alternating with times when you prefer to be alone.

It's important to set boundaries, even with your current partner, as taking more control of your personal life is critical. Being respected, in fact, is as meaningful as being loved with Venus in Capricorn, even if that requires you to put your own interests first. Your primary obligation is to yourself because if you don't attend to that, you will be less useful to those you love.

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