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Pisces Horoscope: December 2013

Up in the Air

You're filled with optimism about your professional life this month, since the forward-looking Sagittarius New Moon on December 2 falls in your 10th House of Career. Shocking Uranus's fluid trine to this lunation shatters the status quo by bringing original ideas to your current line of work or pointing you in a radically different direction.

Intellectual Mercury's shift into fiery Sagittarius on December 4 is another uplifting influence that not only broadens your thinking, but also helps you put your best ideas into action. The second of three harmonious trines between effervescent Jupiter and industrious Saturn occurs on December 12, giving shape to your aspirations. This productive pattern first occurred on July 17 and recurs on May 24, 2014, allowing you to reap the rewards of bold thinking rooted in careful preparation.

The jittery Gemini Full Moon shines in your 4th House of Domestic Conditions on December 17, stirring up personal and family issues. Distractions at home can make it difficult to maintain focus at work, yet this lunation also reminds you that lighthearted pleasures in your private life provide relief from the pressure of your public obligations.

You could become a team leader with the Sun's entry into ambitious Capricorn and your 11th House of Groups, marking the Winter Solstice. However, sociable Venus is retrograde on December 21 to January 31, 2014, requiring you to put extra effort into cooperative relationships.

A series of tumultuous aspects from the Sun, Mercury, and intense Pluto in your community-minded 11th House to unstable Uranus and combative Mars on December 29-31 could bring unexpressed anger out in the open, creating conflict that interferes with social events. However, all this 11th house activity emphasizes the value of cultivating supportive co-workers and friends.

Keep in Mind this Month
Speaking the truth is not always appreciated in the workplace, but being honest with yourself about your professional dreams might help them come true.

Key Dates for Pisces

December 10: Push the Envelope
If you overstep your bounds today with an impractical Sun-Jupiter quincunx, you're ready to charm your way out of the situation. A socially astute Venus-Uranus quintile enables you to smooth ruffled feathers while an ingenious Mercury-Uranus trine provides intuitive answers that seem to come out of nowhere. It might be fun to stretch the limits just so you can explore unfamiliar territory and see how people react.

December 24-26: Burden of Proof
Mars in your 8th House of Deep Sharing opposes volatile Uranus on December 25, provoking conflict if you have been burying your feelings for too long. Fortunately, a slick Sun-Neptune sextile on December 24 helps you smooth out bumps in even the most difficult situations, while a poetic Mercury-Neptune sextile on December 26 provides the words to convey your inspiring concepts. Nevertheless, a stifling Sun-Saturn semisquare attracts skeptics who demand you provide concrete evidence that you're on the right track.

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