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Scorpio Love Horoscope for December 2013

Keep it close to your chest

It's a good thing that you have your subtle side because taking a roundabout and less obvious approach to relationships is called for this month. In spite of the high energy Sagittarius New Moon on December 2 that encourages risk taking, discretion and self-discipline are more useful now. The primary cause is the entry of your traditional ruling planet Mars into Libra on December 7.

This forceful planet loses some steam in this people pleasing sign. While it could add some charm to your game, it puts more of a premium on reason than on passion. Additionally, this transit occurs in your 12th House where approaching people and situations in indirect ways will be more successful than going straight at the object of your desire. You might feel ignored or weakened yet can also find a degree of objectivity that allows you to stand back and see your situation from a fresh and clear perspective.

Mars' romantic counterpart is lovely Venus, which is in orderly Capricorn all month. In fact, she turns retrograde on December 21 to get you thinking about people from your past. Venus occupies your 3rd house, so carefully controlling what you say can make the difference between an argument and an agreeable conversation.

It's not necessary to spill your guts and share you deepest feelings to grow closer to someone now. It's amazing how sexy and appealing you can be when you appear cooler and less hungry for love. Take your time in pursuit of pleasure and you'll come away with more satisfaction than racing toward what you want.

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