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Virgo Love Horoscope for December 2013

Stay light on your feet

Venus is the planet of love and she will be playing a major role in relationships this month. Happily, she is in your 5th House of Romance to give a boost to your personal life by making it easier to get attention. However, Venus is slowing down and turning retrograde on December 21. This will begin a six-week period of backward motion that can awaken interest in someone from your past.

Moving ahead during this time can be difficult because Venus is in serious Capricorn where work, patience and persistence are requirements for gaining respect and approval. So messages are decidedly mixed as this can be a good time to play as long as you get to establish the rules. Sure, you might come across as too controlling or cautious but knowing what you want and being honest enough to express it will eventually work to your advantage.

However, your verbal ruling planet Mercury enters outspoken Sagittarius on December 4, which could lead to speaking very bluntly. Honesty is a good thing, Virgo, but it can also be embarrassing if shared in the wrong situation.

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21 and -- in spite of Venus Retrograde -- should keep your personal life active during the following 30 days. There are, though, some surprises and intense interactions from December 28-31 that can trigger conflict. While the upside includes breakthroughs in communication and perception that free you from old ideas, there's also a risk of tension that could escalate beyond reason. Adapt and adjust instead of pushing buttons if you want to maintain some harmony in relationships.

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