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December 2014 Love Horoscopes

Tearing Down Walls

The month starts off on a positive note when it comes to romance. Venus and Jupiter will engage in a brilliant trine on December 4, allowing you and your love to indulge each other to the max! Expect plenty of compliments, and possibly a generous gift. Mars enters quirky Aquarius on the same day, and until January 12 you might feel more open to experimentation in the bedroom!

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A Full Moon in Gemini on December 6 will put the focus on connecting to your partner from the mind as well as from the heart. If you don't feel intellectually compatible with your mate, there might be a problem. Talk it out!

On December 10, Venus enters sober Capricorn, where she remains until January 3. You'll take matters of the heart seriously, and you will feel more compelled to show maturity and commitment in your relationship. If single, you might feel more cautious than usual about opening your heart. Fortunately, Venus will be at a friendly angle to Neptune on December 14, ensuring that your caution won't close you off completely.

Venus will square off with Uranus and make a conjunction to Pluto on December 20, so expect fireworks! An intense, unexpected standoff between you and your lover is possible. Intimacy requires vulnerability, and it appears all of your fear buttons might be pushed on this day. Don't put up walls … instead, have the courage to tear them down.

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