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Aries Career Horoscope for December 2014

Blaze new trails

This month has the potential to be quite victorious for you in terms of career advancement. On December 1, you'll have an advantage in all matters pertaining to career and big finance. This can be anything from retirement or insurance benefits connected to your job, or it might have to do with negotiating a bonus or royalty payment. You're in the driver's seat!

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Then, from December 10 until January 3, Venus will be in your career sector, allowing a VIP to see how instrumental you truly are to the company. Your talents will be appreciated, and it'll be a good time to ask for a raise or other on-the-job perk. A behind-the-scenes project you're working on near December 14 will impress the boss. He or she will see what you're putting into this, even if you don't believe that is the case.

On December 15, Uranus will square off with Pluto, and you'll feel a strong urge to assert your independence professionally. You might need to blaze new trails in your industry in order to feel the greatest sense of fulfillment. That's exactly what suits your pioneering spirit, but on this day you'll want to make sure you don't step on the toes of authority figures in the process.

Overall, the news keeps getting better for you this month. On December 15, Mercury enters your professional 10th house, allowing you to have vital meetings and conversations with higher ups to discuss your career goals. Then, a New Moon in the same area of your chart on December 21 will signal an incredibly opportune time to launch a new business, reach for a promotion, or set plans in motion to ensure you'll reach the top of your game in the near future.

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