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Aries Love Horoscope for December 2014

Working it out

Key changes in how you pursue what you're most passionate about will happen this month. Your ruling planet, Mars, will change signs on December 4, entering your 11th House of Friendship, Hopes and Dreams. This area of your chart also rules love we're able to receive. You'll have more courage now to receive the love you know you deserve, and that trend lasts until January 12. Also on this day, Venus and Jupiter will be at a perfect angle. Because Jupiter is in your romance sector, you and your sweetheart will enjoy a very special day of affection and bliss. If single, this will be a great time to schedule a first date with someone you meet online or through a friend.

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Once Venus moves into Capricorn on December 10, you'll feel a stronger sense of duty toward your partner if you're in a committed relationship. Sure, you'll still want to have fun, but you'll also know that partnerships are not all about the good times. If there's work to be done as a couple, you'll be in a position to tackle it head on. This trend lasts until January 3.

If you feel your partner is holding you back in any way from achieving or pursuing one of your goals, things could become explosive from December 15-20. You're not willing to compromise yourself in order for a relationship to work, and you shouldn't need to. At the same time, be sure you're not having a heated reaction that's over-exaggerated. Remind your mate that developing your sense of self is integral to your personal well-being. There's no need to play manipulative games in order to be who you are. Avoid the trap.

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