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Cancer Horoscope: December 2014

Me, then we

Make it a point to spend time alone early this month to nourish your soul -- especially near December 6. This is when the Full Moon will fall in your 12th House of Seclusion, making it more important to take time out from your busy, everyday world to decipher what you truly need to feel at peace with yourself. In addition, if you've recently contributed to any type of charitable event or have done something out of the ordinary to help alleviate the suffering of someone else, you'll now learn more about what an impact your kindness had on this person or group.

There's great news on the horizon for you in terms of relationships -- both business and personal. On December 10, Venus will enter your 7th House of Partnerships and will remain here until January 3. This signals a special phase of peace between you and your mate. If you're in business with anyone, you and your partner will enjoy a greater sense of harmony as well -- especially if you have an important decision to make together. If you're not in a relationship, it's possible that the New Moon in the same part of your chart on December 21 will help usher in new potential. You and someone you're dating might decide to go exclusive at this time. Or, you and your partner might choose to move in, get engaged or even marry. In terms of business, this will be one of your most auspicious times to sign on a new partner or to nab a VIP client.

On December 23, Saturn changes signs and moves into a new area of your chart -- your 6th House of Health and Work. Until December 2017, you'll have an opportunity to fine-tune your health and tackle any changes you need to make in order to improve your sense of well-being. Additionally, with Saturn here you might notice things changing at the office. You might not receive as much help from others and will have to rely on yourself more to get the job done. If you employ others, this might be a difficult time where you are not finding the quality of assistance you require.