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Capricorn Career Horoscope for December 2014

Give yourself a break

Someone at work might be fired or announce that he or she is leaving their position near the Full Moon on December 6. If you own a business it's possible you've been wrestling with the decision to cut your own staff due to budgetary restrictions or an employee's inability to do his or her job adequately. One way or another, changes at the workplace are indicated early in the month -- and they are likely to be emotionally-charged.

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Another scenario is that you will complete a major assignment you've been working on for quite some time. This project might have worn you out in some respects, and now you'll be grateful for the extra breathing room. Remember to take some time in December to nourish yourself if you've fallen into workaholic mode lately. We all need a break -- and that includes you.

Venus will enter your sign on December 10, and until January 3 you'll have an edge in the charm department. Use this to schmooze a VIP client you'd like to nab, or to have that talk with your boss about how valuable you are to the company. Adding to the goodness will be a New Moon in your sign on December 21. If there's a new direction you'd like to pursue, either professionally or personally, the two weeks following this lunation will yield the greatest success potential. Go for it!

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