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Gemini Horoscope: December 2014

Turning points

Your emotions might be out in the open near December 6, and that'll be just fine by you. A Full Moon in your sign on this day will leave you strikingly aware of how you feel about a certain matter. You might realize that a relationship or other situation in your life is at a turning point of either fulfillment or completion. Whatever the details, remain true to you and know that if anything does come to an end, it's part of this cycle.

From December 10 - January 3, your attention might turn to financial matters. Money that comes to you from a source beside your own income now may be a welcome surprise. You might have an opportunity to make a new investment after the New Moon on December 21. Spend time between the 10th and 21st weighing options and doing research on the best possible course of action. Then after the 21st, you'll be in the strongest position possible to ensure your financial return is optimal.

On December 23, a significant karmic shift will begin to emerge concerning your relationships. Saturn, the planet of lessons and structure, will enter your 7th House of Partnership for the first time in nearly 29 years! A two and a half year tour of Saturn through this part of your chart will ensue. During this time you'll feel a stronger need to define your close relationships. If you're married or in a committed partnership, there might be a test to the strength of your union. Whether or not you and your mate emerge from this stronger or further apart depends on your mutual willingness to repair any weak links between you. Whether single or attached, your view on commitment will become more serious than ever.