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Leo Love Horoscope for December 2014

Listen to your heart

Make the most of love planet Venus as she continues to tour your 5th House of Pleasure and Romance until December 10. On December 4, she'll be at a glorious trine to Jupiter, now in your sign. This is a five-star day for love potential! If you're in a relationship, you and your sweetheart will enjoy all the delicious delights that couplehood has to offer. If single, you might meet someone very special -- be sure to socialize!

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If you're in a relationship, you may notice more heat between you and your love after December 4. That's because Mars, the planet of action and passion, will enter your 7th House of Committed Partnerships, and he will remain in this part of your chart until January 12. You might feel the urge to stir the pot with your mate more during this time. Arguments that lead to amazing make-up sex are equally possible!

Matters of the heart will take a serious turn after December 23. Saturn, the planet of lessons and responsibility, will enter your 5th House of True Love at this time. For the next two and a half years you'll have an opportunity to gain mastery over opening your heart and giving love. This may not be easy to achieve at first, because Saturn will also demand that you take a more sober approach to romance. Flighty affairs might not appeal to you, and if a lover isn't worth your time and effort, you won't waste a moment more on him or her.

In certain cases Saturn here may restrict opportunities for romance, or it could bring a relationship your way with circumstances that challenge the two of you. If this happens, you'll need to decide whether or not you feel strong enough about the person to work through the tests. Listen to your heart.

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