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Libra Career Horoscope for December 2014

Communicate clearly

If you've been studying for a certification, license or advanced degree, there's a chance that on December 6 you'll either complete your course of study or have a very real sense of seeing the end in sight. The good news is that any time you've invested in your education will certainly pay off in terms of your ability to climb your personal ladder of success. Job opportunities might have depended on your willingness to keep up with current trends in your industry. You'll have little problem doing so.

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The emphasis on communication and thinking will continue to be critical for you all month long. On December 23, Saturn, the planet of lessons and responsibility, will enter your 3rd House of Information. This is the area of your chart that rules thinking, and expressing your ideas at a rudimentary level. Now, you'll enter a karmic phase where you have an obligation to yourself to master your intake and output of information.

You might feel more insecure about your intellectual ability initially -- especially if your boss or other authority figures make critical remarks about your ideas. If this happens, recognize it as an opportunity to confront your fears and master communication at a deep level. In fact, you'll have the chance to become an expert in a certain area if you choose to put in the work.

Be clear in all of your communications, and convey information to others with the same thoughtful clarity. Your mind will garner the respect it deserves, and ultimately that will pay off in professional success. But first, you'll have to do the work necessary to earn that respect. You're ready.

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