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Pisces Career Horoscope for December 2014

Define your objectives

This month should bring significant changes to you professionally. You'll begin to examine your goals in a new, more serious way than you have in the past. If what you're doing for a living isn't in line with what you know in your heart will bring you the greatest fulfillment, you may notice that certain problems with work, or connected to your relationship with your boss, begin to surface. They might be slight at first, but if left unexamined you can be sure they will begin to blow up.

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The main question to ask yourself is: Am I being true to my objectives? Perhaps you haven't even clearly defined what they are. If so, you'll now have ample opportunity. That's because on December 23, Saturn, the planet of lessons, will enter your professional 10th house, and it will remain in this part of your chart for the next two and a half years.

In certain cases, a transit of Saturn to the top of the chart can turn into a most rewarding experience. If you are working diligently toward achieving goals you know are worth pursuing, then this might be a time of incredible reward. You might become the expert in your field, gain considerable respect and recognition, and feel a solid sense of authority about your profession.

If, however, you aren't aligned to your career path, a status change might be in order. You might feel knocked down by authority figures, and in some cases you might even lose your job so that you're freed up to pursue goals more in line with what you really want. But first, you'll need to define what that is. View this Saturn cycle as an opportunity to master your career path. Be willing to do the work, and you'll surely reap the rewards.

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