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Pisces Love Horoscope for December 2014

A dream come true

On December 10, love planet Venus will enter your social 11th House of Friendship, and if single this will bring plenty of romantic opportunities your way. Have you been wondering whether or not that friend of yours reciprocates your secret crush? If so, this will be the time to put yourself -- and your feelings -- out there. You may be pleasantly surprised! Aim to do so near December 14, when Venus will be at a perfect angle to Neptune, now in your sign. Whether it involves a friend or not, a romantic dream might come true!

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From December 10 until January 3, you'll also have wonderful luck in the romance department if you consider using social media or Internet dating websites to meet other singles. Again, try to schedule that first date close to December 14 – that will be your luckiest day in love all month!

Things might get messy in the romance department on December 20. Make sure you don't stalk your ex's Facebook profile or make any comments about your love life on any social media sites. You will surely regret it on this day!

Another "no-no" would be to try to force your sweetheart to mingle with friends of yours that you know he or she just doesn't gel with. If you insist on it, things might get ugly. Instead, why not reassure your lover that he or she is your main priority? If it comes down to choosing to spend time with your mate or your pals on this day, pick wisely. Whatever you decide, it appears there might be fallout. Don't worry, you can handle it. In a crazy way, the tension might even be a turn on!

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