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Sagittarius Career Horoscope for December 2014

Monetize your talents

Finances will be on the uptick after December 10, thanks to Venus moving into your earned income sector. She'll remain in this part of your chart until January 3, allowing you to maximize your earning potential by monetizing your talents. Consider initiating a new revenue stream after the New Moon in the same part of your chart on December 21 -- you can't go wrong!

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The headline news for you this month, however, has to do with the planet Saturn. He'll enter your sign for the first time in nearly 29 years on December 23. Saturn will remain in your sign until December 2017, with the exception of a few short weeks next summer. This will have long-term ramifications on you personally and professionally.

The main theme with Saturn in your sign has to do with a responsibility to shine your light in a mature, focused manner. You will seriously take stock of your goals during this time, and you'll have an opportunity to begin a project that is meaningful to your long-term ambitions. You'll work hard to ensure its success.

While it's likely this endeavor will require your patience and dedication, at the same time you'll feel a sense of personal fulfillment like you've never felt before if you can be victorious. Work hard now. Focus on the journey, not the destination and know the reward will come in due time.

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