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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for December 2014

Good vibrations

This month begins a life-changing time that will have far reaching effects in your life, both personally and relationship-wise. That has everything to do with the planet Saturn moving into your sign on December 23. But first, there's plenty of other Astrology to discuss this month. Let's get started!

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On December 4, you'll have an amazing day in matters of the heart. Venus, still in your sign until December 10, will be at a gorgeous angle to your ruler, Jupiter. Your feel-good vibes will be contagious on this day, and it'll be impossible not to feel optimistic -- or even overjoyed -- about your romantic prospects.

On December 6, a Full Moon will fall in your partnership sector, allowing incredible moments of insight and awareness about the status of your relationship. If things are going well, this lunation will help nourish your bond even more. If, however, you and your partner are not as emotionally connected as you'd like to be, this lunation will make it impossible to ignore.

The major shift for you this month, however, happens when Saturn, the planet of lessons and maturity, enters your sign on December 23. This event happens only once every 29 years, and until December 2017 you can expect to restructure your identity in ways that help you connect to your truest self. Saturn asks you to take responsibility for whatever it touches in your chart.

Because Saturn is connecting to your Sun -- your very life essence and vitality -- over the next couple of years, this is all about being true to yourself. Defining who you are and expressing this firm identification will certainly affect your love life. Remember, with Saturn, if you do the work you get the reward. Are you ready?

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