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Scorpio Horoscope: December 2014

Finances and the future

Financial news near the December 6 might leave you emotionally rattled, since the Full Moon in Gemini lands in your 8th House of Shared Resources. If you've invested in anything that was high risk, it's possible that you'll be disappointed in the return. Alternatively, you might discover that certain benefits or insurance connected to you or your spouse's employment will change. Do your best to go with the flow instead of giving in to a reaction of panic. Know that whatever awareness you gain about financial matters this month will ultimately put you in a stronger position, but it will take a certain amount of work to get there.

Saturn, the planet of limitation and lessons, has been in your sign since late 2012, and in many ways you're a brand-new person as a result. This planet is fond of testing limits in order to see what you're really made of. You likely experienced at least one situation of your own making that allowed you to prove your maturity. Although rewarding, this might have also been a draining time.

This month -- on December 23 -- Saturn will leave your sign and begin a trek in a new area of your chart. Until December 2017, Saturn will move through your 2nd House of Income. At first, you might experience this transit as constricting. Suddenly, you may feel as if you have to tighten your belt and limit expenses. A source of income may dry up, but if this happens you'll have an opportunity to prove how resourceful you really are.

What's more likely to occur, however, is that with Saturn here you're getting quite serious about money -- and your financial future. You might decide that it's time to save for, or purchase, a big-ticket item such as a home or car. You might even have to bear the responsibility of paying for a child's college education or helping out an elderly relative in need. Whatever the details, you'll come through this in a stronger position both financially and in terms of your self-worth. For now, it'll be a process. Begin it by learning how to do more with less -- even if you don't suffer a financial loss. Prudence will pay off.