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Scorpio Career Horoscope for December 2014

Keep your cool

If you're looking to gain venture capital for a business startup, you're likely to hear news around December 6. Fulfillment is possible, but you might also need to explore more than one investment source in order to obtain the amount of money you need. That could mean accepting terms on a business loan from your bank while also taking out a line of credit from your home or a loan from an investor. You might even ask your spouse to front you some money for this endeavor.

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Contracts and negotiations connected to your job will be touchy on December 15. You might feel an overwhelming sense of frustration at needing to give more than you get. You may also get the sense that someone you work with is trying to get the upper hand, and if so your temper may flare up at this time. Try to keep your cool and avoid engaging in power struggles with coworker or anyone you employ.

If you successfully move past this period you might have tremendous opportunity to be in a powerful position relating to a conversation or contract after December 21. The key to achieving this win will be to navigate unexpected twists and turns without losing your cool. Also, you'll want to play your cards close to your chest without being obvious about it.

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