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Taurus Career Horoscope for December 2014

Face your fears

A Full Moon in your earned income sector on December 6 will bring a sharp emotional focus to both your earnings and your talents. If you are not maximizing your abilities, you may need to spend time considering why this is so. Are you feeling insecure about expressing one or more of your talents? If this is the case, recognize that your sign has significant lessons concerning mastery of the physical world. In order to do this, you must confront and overcome any fear connected to your ability to make money using your special gifts.

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In certain cases a source of income will dry up due to the influence of this lunation. Don't take this as a license to panic if that does happen to you. Instead, regroup and decide that you now have an opportunity to spend time making money doing something that enhances your overall sense of self-worth.

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters your 9th House of Expansion, Internationalism, Education and Legalities on December 10, followed by Mercury on December 16, and then a New Moon in the same area of your chart on December 21. All of this occurs in the business-oriented sign of Capricorn. You might have a great deal of activity this month connecting 9th house matters to your profession as a result. For example, you might have legal contracts to sign that involve work. You may also decide it's time to earn an advanced degree, or obtain a license or certification in order to enhance your expertise in your industry.

Saturn enters your 8th House of Joint Finances on December 23, and you may have activity to tend to surrounding insurance or retirement benefits connected to your job. You may hear of certain budget cuts on the job that affect your overall benefits package. Careful and wise investments made now will pay off in the future, but it won't happen overnight.

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