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Virgo Career Horoscope for December 2014

Getting the edge

Get ready to beat your old records when it comes to meeting deadlines! On December 4, Mars, the planet of action and ambition, will enter your 6th House of Work and Productivity. He'll remain in this part of your chart until January 12, and during this time you'll have more energy to work on even the most tedious of assignments.

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You'll also feel an edge in your competitive side, so if you're in the freelance industry you'll be more aggressive about nabbing top notch assignments. Same goes for your office work if there's a project that several of your co-workers are drooling over. You've got this!

The only drawback to having Mars in this part of your chart is that it might encourage you to be crasser towards employees or fellow colleagues. Don't allow your ambition and desire to increase your own productivity also increase your criticism for anyone else who can't keep up with your pace. Also, be on guard to ensure that you're not working too fast. You won't feel good about careless errors.

In other news, a dazzling Full Moon in your career sector may put you in the spotlight for a career achievement near December 6. If you're looking for any attention from your boss or another VIP, it's quite likely you'll be noticed during this time. You might also reach a pinnacle in your career if there has been a major goal you've been working on for quite some time. Now, you'll see the reward for all of your efforts.

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