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December 2015 Love Horoscope

A magical month

There's nothing superficial about love in December. On December 4, Venus will begin her trek through intense Scorpio, where she'll remain until December 30. During this time you can anticipate feeling more deeply connected to your lover -- or at least longing to. Fortunately, Venus will receive nothing but support this month as she attempts to bring out the sexier, more mysterious side of love.

On December 11, a trine to Neptune will bring out a magical quality to romance. If you are looking for a day to cast a hypnotic spell on your love, this is it! Then on December 17, Venus will be at a supportive sextile to Pluto. Finally, Venus will be at a sextile to Jupiter on December 24. Expect plenty of romantic goodies and super indulgent gifts from your love during the holiday season. The power of love wins this month, no contest!

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