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Aquarius Horoscope: December 2015

Begin your dream project

With Venus at the top of your chart this month, you'll be especially favored in the eyes of your boss or another VIP. From December 4 and December 30, you can use this cosmic edge to help you get ahead professionally. In fact, there might even be a boost in earnings coming your way. Go ahead and ask for a raise on December 11 -- there's a good chance that you'll get exactly what you dream of!

Also on December 11, a gorgeous New Moon will fall in your friendship sector. This will be an ideal time to expand your social horizons. Why not join a new club or organization? Consider starting that humanitarian project you've always talked about. Alternatively, this will also be a great time to launch a website or any social media campaign.

Do your best to fly under the radar December 19 -- December 30 when Mercury is at a harsh angle to Pluto and Uranus. Words spoken on these days might easily be ones you later regret.

The month ends with a beautiful Full Moon in your 6th House of Work and Health on November 25. You might finish up a major project and if so, you'll be quite proud of your work. Or, if you've had any health concerns lately, it's possible that this Full Moon will signal an end to them. All is well.

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