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Scorpio Horoscope: December 2015

You will be on fire

You'll definitely feel like the "fairest of them all" this month Scorpio! On December 4 and until December 30, Venus will move through your sign granting you extraordinary luminosity. Since you'll feel more beautiful, it'll automatically lead to you sending out vibes that captivate others your way. Enjoy the boost this give you in all of your relationships.

Romantically speaking however, you'll be on fire. Expect a fairytale day between you and someone special on December 11. A conversation with your love will hypnotize you on December 17 and on December 24, you and your mate will enjoy social fun with friends. If single, this might be a day when a friend turns into a lover. Wow!

Finances look bright for you this month as well thanks to a New Moon in your earned income sector on the December 11. A freelance assignment or second job might pay especially well now. Communication will be dicey on December 19 and December 20. Avoid ultimatums with anyone -- especially at the office. If you encounter jealousy in a colleague do your best to take the high road. A Full Moon on December 25 might bring a legal matter to an end or you may be ready to take an important licensing exam. You've got this!

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