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Virgo Horoscope: December 2015

Communication is key

You'll have the gift of graceful communication and negotiation skills this month, so do what you can to make the most of it. After December 4 and until December 30, Venus will move through your message sector helping your words sparkle. You'll excel at any writing projects and will notice that other people genuinely enjoy conversations with you more. Spend time talking to your sweetheart about anything you need to discuss this month -- conversations about love and money will be quite fulfilling.

A New Moon in your 4th House of Home and Family on December 11, might bring news from a relative. Expect it to be positive. Another possibility is that you'll decide it's time to look for a new place to live. If you're thinking of putting your home or other real estate for sale, the next two weeks are opportune to act.

If you have children, things might be overwhelming on December 19 and 20. Either you'll be engaged in a power struggle or you'll be stressed out and trying your best to fix a situation that has stressed your relationship. Either way, it'll be difficult to make progress if you insist on having the upper hand. If you have no children, the same scenario is possible between you and your lover.

A Full Moon in your social 11th House of Friendships on December 25 might leave you feeling as if your friends are truly family. They are.

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