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Read Your December 2017 Love Horoscope

Crazy love

Romance might start off on shaky ground early in the month thanks to extremely muddled communication. A Full Moon in Gemini will square off with Neptune on December 3, creating mental chaos between you and anyone else. Adding to the mix is the fact that Mercury turns retrograde on the same day, remaining out of phase until December 22. Intellectual meltdowns and communication chaos are likely to be everywhere, so do your best to avoid it with your lover.

Thankfully, a much sexier vibe takes over on December 9 and you won't be as concerned with dialogue. Mars, the planet of assertive drive and sexual energy, will move into Scorpio, the most penetrating and intense sign of all. This will help you and your lover enjoy more physical pleasures until January 26, 2018. Beware, however, of the chance that one or both of you will become much more possessive -- and obsessive -- of each other. And what if you're single? That sexy someone you notice casually might turn into a creepy stalker if things don't work out after a few dates. Be careful!

Love takes a serious turn on December 26 when Venus moves into Capricorn and immediately aligns to Saturn, the planet of karma and commitment. Soul mate love connections are possible, but don't confuse this with romance. This is all about lessons in love.

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