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Aquarius Love Horoscope for December 2017

That's what friends are for

When it comes to love and romance this month, your heart might be telling you one thing, but your friends ... well, they might be telling you something else entirely. The main struggle you'll have to navigate through is whether or not you can listen to your heart. In the end, only you can decide.

The issues begin to mount on December 3 when a tricky Full Moon in your romance sector creates a drunken effect on your sensibilities. It's clear that you're not seeing everything clearly about your lover and that you might have put him or her on a pedestal. The question is, should you be worried? It seems like at least one of your friends will have the answer, and that answer is "yes." Mercury, the ruler of your true love sector, will turn retrograde right in your 11th House of Groups and Friends on the same day this lunation occurs.

Although a pal might not communicate his or her concerns as effectively as you'd like, the message you'll get will clearly indicate that he or she isn't thrilled about your latest dating choice. Perhaps it has to do with a feeling he or she has about this person using you for money or sex. It's also possible that your friend just senses that there is something slippery about his or her personality and it has their radar up. Remember, your friend isn't trying to sabotage your happiness. In this case, he or she really does appear to have your best interests at heart.

Your real conundrum is whether or not to keep this new love connection alive or to let it drown. Do yourself a favor and try not to make any final decisions until after December 22 when Mercury turns direct. Until then, you'll probably change your mind every time you think about this situation. Besides, new and enlightening information about your lover is likely to emerge right around the end of the month, helping you know for sure one way or another.

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