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Gemini Love Horoscope for December 2017

Hold on tight

Love and relationship matters might feel like a gigantic head cold all month long. It's as if you've got this major sense of being foggy and stuffed up, but it all has to do with matters of the heart. Why? Mercury is the main culprit. That's right, your ruling planet turns retrograde right in your relationship sector this month.

On the same day this happens -- December 3 -- there will also be a Full Moon in your sign that will be at a tense angle to Neptune. This will only add more clog to the situation. You'll be extremely unclear about a situation between you and your partner or even the entire direction of your relationship. In some cases, there might be an ending. If that happens, it might be the type that feels like it's slipping away from your fingers without you having any control over it, almost as if you or your lover are caught in quicksand and can't rescue each other.

Another possibility is that you'll do your best to float through the murky waters all month long. If you can manage that, there's hope. A New Moon will fall in your partnership sector on December 18 and on December 22 Mercury will finally turn direct. By the end of the month you'll at least feel as if you've both got solid ground again in order to focus on whatever problems you might have between you. Solutions that you couldn't see before will come up now, seemingly out of the clear blue sky. So if you love each other enough, hold on. December might be a rocky month but hope ... well ... hope floats.

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