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Leo Horoscope: December 2017

Recycling love

Your love life is about to get interesting ... and complicated. Venus will tour your romance sector from December 1 until December 25. This is certainly a fabulous energy that will support you meeting new people and enjoying dating adventures. The strange twist, however, has to do with Mercury. The trickster planet will turn retrograde in the same area of your chart on December 3, remaining in hibernation mode through December 22. This will definitely throw a monkey wrench into your love life, and it'll most likely show up in the form of a blast from your past. That's right -- an ex-lover may return.

How you feel about this depends on the situation you're currently in. With Venus also in this part of your chart, you're likely to recall more of the good times you've shared together than the bad memories. As a result, you might struggle with a longing to give it another go. If you're in this position, slow your roll. A gorgeous New Moon in your romance sector will reveal new possibilities in love after December 18, but you will need to wait until Mercury turns direct again until you can make a logical decision about your love life prospects.

Another possibility is that you'll have a new person enter your life mid-month and will have a literal choice to make. Do you rework an old love affair, or do you move in an entirely new direction? Again, there is no right or wrong here. It's about what's right or wrong for you.

In other news, karmic Saturn makes a seismic shift in your chart on December 19 by leaving your true love sector -- the area that guarantees movement in matters of the heart -- and entering your 6th House of Work. Until December 2020, you'll be focused more on your productivity and efficiency as you carry out your daily work tasks. You'll also need to rely on yourself more since help from others might feel diminished. This will teach you to be absolutely proficient, even if it feels overwhelming at times.

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