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Leo Love Horoscope for December 2017

Elastic heart

You might feel as if your love life resembles a rubber band this month. Although there will be plenty of snap and excitement, you'll also be pulled so far into the past that you may not be certain how you'll ever live in the moment again. Don't worry, you will. In the meantime, here's some advice...

It all begins with Venus, the planet of love and harmony, as she moves into your true love sector on December 1. This placement will support romantic opportunities until December 25. If you're attached, you and your sweetie will enjoy an added phase of harmony during this time. If you're single, a special someone might be on the way.

The problem, however, emerges soon after on December 3. This is when Mercury will turn retrograde in the same area Venus is hanging around, your true love sector. This is when the rubber band phenomenon will begin. You'll suddenly find yourself pulled into thinking more and more about your past loves and romantic encounters. You might even reconnect with an ex and consider giving your relationship another whirl as you restore communication. Adding to the confusion might be the fact that you could very well meet someone new while all of this is going on. As the month goes on you might go from that rubber band pain to a very real fork in the road. Which one will you take?

Wait until after the New Moon in your romance sector on December 18 and preferably after the December 22 when Mercury turns direct before making any final decision about your love life. At this point, something new is definitely on the horizon. It won't be clear whether it's a fresh start with an old flame or a new romance entirely until then.

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